ICE Casino makes it a point that all players get a chance to get more than what they expected. To stay true to this, we provide very nice bonuses that you will find hard to resist. We are just getting started, and we have a lot of bonuses planned for the future.

Bonuses not only add money to your bankroll; they also make your gambling experience more exciting. On top of that, the ICE Casino bonuses give you a chance to win money even if you did not invest any.

Casino Welcome Bonus Offer

This ICEcasino bonus is one of the favourites of all players. Here, you deposit money, and we match it up. It is a unique offer in the sense that we not only give you extra money but also give you free spins in selected slot machines.

The offer is available only through our link, so check out this page if you want to get it now. To get the ICE Casino bonus, you must register for a free account.

In a nutshell, here is how the Welcome Bonus works:

  • Deposit at least 10 CAD;
  • Get a 170% bonus;
  • Get 70 free spins in the Big Bass Bonanza slot machine by Pragmatic Play.

This bonus is only applicable to your first deposit. What it means is that on your second deposit, we will no longer give you extra money or free spins.

So, if you deposit 10 CAD, you will get an extra $17 (170%). Then, you will also receive 70 free spins. You can only use the free spins on a particular slot machine.

The bonus is only valid for three days, and there is wagering required. For the bonus cash, it is 45x. For the free spins, it is 35x.

If you opt for this bonus, you will no longer be qualified for the standard Welcome Bonus. In addition, the maximum amount of money you can withdraw is 5x the amount of what you received from us.

The wagering requirement has to be fulfilled three days from the day you activate the bonus. If you did not meet this condition, we would forfeit your bonus and all winning from your bonus money.

Now, there might be an occasion where the slot machine does not work in your country. In this case, contact the customer support team so they can allocate your free spins to another game.

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Loyalty Program

A bonus ICE Casino will not be complete without a Loyalty Program. Here, you get perks simply for depositing and wagering. So, how does it work?

The Loyalty Program separates players into groups called Levels. Overall, there are 99 Levels. To increase in level, you must gain complimentary points.

For every 10 CAD you deposit, you get one complimentary point. At the beginning of your gaming journey, you are at Level 1, or what we all Beginner. Once you have 100 complimentary points, you get to Level 2, and this goes on until Level 99, which we call VIP Diamond.

Here are the perks that vary from one level to another:

  • Points that can be exchanged for cash.
  • Reload bonus from 10% to 90%.
  • Cashback bonus from 3% to 12%.

For the points, each time you advance to a level, you get at least 500 points. You can swap this for one unit of currency (Ex: 500 points to 1 CAD). As you level up, you spend fewer points for each cash (Ex: 100: 1).

The reload bonus applies every week. The cashback applies to your weekly net losses, which means we give you back a percentage of the money you lost while gaming.
Weekly Bonuses

We give our players weekly bonuses where you get extra cash between 10% and 90%. The maximum amount of bonus you can receive is 200 CAD.

Here is how it works:

  • Join our casino and be a member for free
  • Reach at least Level 10 in our Loyalty Program
  • Activate the bonus that we offer every Thursday or Friday
  • Make a deposit of at least 10 CAD

As you get higher on the Loyalty Program ladder, you will also get a higher bonus percentage. If you deposited 10 CAD at a 10% bonus rate, we would give you an extra 1 CAD. Now, if you are at Level 99 with a 90% bonus rate, we will give you an extra 9 CAD for the 10 CAD you deposited.

As always, the bonus has some terms and conditions. For example, there is a wagering requirement of 40x for the bonus we gave you.

What does this mean? If we gave you an extra 1 CAD, you must bet 40 CAD out of that money ($1×40 = $40). That 40 CAD will come from the winnings of your bets.

You have five days to meet this wagering requirement from the day you receive the bonus money. If not met, the bonus money and its winnings will be invalidated.

Another condition that we have is the withdrawal limit. The maximum you can withdraw from your bonus money and its winnings after you meet the wagering requirement is 200 CAD. All the excess funds shall go back to the casino.


ICE Casino Cashback

Casino games produce random winners. As such, players may experience a losing streak. If this happens, we will give you back some money to help you get back up.

The cashback amount ranges between 3% and 12%. The amount you receive is calculated based on your deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, and current balance. The percentage depends on your level in our Loyalty Program.

Here is the formula:

(Money In (deposit)) – (Money Out (withdrawal) + Prizes + Current Balance)) X % of your cashback

Here is an example calculation:

$400 deposit – ($200 withdrawal) + $40 prizes + $40 cash balance) = $400 – $280 = $120 x 3% = 3.6 CAD

Anyone on the Loyalty Program can get the cashback, and there is a wagering requirement of 5x. You can view your cashback on a weekly basis, and you can view this in your “Available Bonuses” tab or section of your profile. The maximum amount of cashback is 2,000 CAD.

Get Started Playing Now!

All these exciting bonuses can be yours now! All you must do is sign up for a free account. Once you do, you get automatically enrolled in our VIP Loyalty Program. On top of that, you get the option to choose the bonus you like!

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